Firms from proprietary trading shops like MWD Trading to vol hedge funds like Capstone Investment Advisors rely on Vola Dynamics to maintain their core valuation and risk analytics (pricing, greeks, volatility surface fitting, scenario analysis) for equity, futures and index options.

    Our clients include many prop shops, hedge funds, banks, and entities that have to produce accurate, robust and fast valuations for large options universes every day.

What People Are Saying

“Your vol curves work like magic.”

P. M., quant trader, major European hedge fund

“Impressive library, vastly superior to any other vendor product.”

N. S., PM at hedge fund, New York

“The reliability of smooth automated curves has freed up our traders to take on multiple products simultaneously without any problem whatsoever. The fact that we were able to integrate Vola curves into our system seamlessly has been invaluable in terms of PnL generation and risk management.”

S.G., options trader, low latency trading firm

“Modern options market making is incredibly competitive. Automated volatility curves are critical and Vola provides the most reliable and flexible curves in the business. Vola support is also top-notch; you have access to a level of quant knowledge that would be hard to hire. “

T.G., CEO, proprietary trading firm

“We’ve reviewed a few vendors and none came close to the performance and fitting quality we’ve seen with your library. In some instances [of the other vendors], there were serious gaps between what was advertised and what we’ve seen in terms of readiness and fitting quality.”

M. H., Senior project manager, global bank, Singapore

“The quality and innovation of Vola technology is matched by the level of support they provide any time it's needed. There's a lot of peace-of-mind knowing they always have our back.”

J.N., options trader, proprietary trading firm

“Overall the curves are very stable but also flexible. This combination is not easy to achieve.”

R. S., Asian index options trader

“The ability to extract these tails reliably is a testament to the quality of your fit. Most others out there would miserably fail here. It looks like you have a whole family of curves on top of SVI and manage to keep them arb-free, which includes proper tails…. the vast majority of the shops out there are very unlikely to build vol fit of even remotely comparable quality. It takes dedicated resources, expertise, and a lot of time. Even American vanilla pricers of good quality and speed, a prerequisite for fit, are hard to come by for same reasons.”

A. T., options market making quant, top tier US bank (on LinkedIn)

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